Wing Chun Lessons Online Personal Training Upgrade with Sifu Adam Williss


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Wing Chun Lessons Online Course with Sifu Adam Williss Personal Wing Chun Training Assessments!

Now the best-selling online Wing Chun course in America can be upgraded to include Personal Wing Chun Training Assessments!


Wing Chun Lessons Online Personal Assessments

For those who demand the very best online Wing Chun training at home, personal Wing Chun training assessments are a must. This will help you ensure that your Wing Chun lessons are learned online properly. The fact is, when learning Wing Chun as a beginner, you simply can’t assess your own personal training to a high enough degree in order to get the very most out of our Wing Chun lessons online. This upgrade solves that with Sifu Adam Williss’ personal Wing Chun training insight from his life-long obsession with the art.

Peace of Mind! That’s what this personal training upgrade to our online Wing Chun lessons provides. with Sifu Adam’s personal assessents, you will know that you are doing your very best Wing Chun training / practice at home each and every step of the way.

Wing Chun Personal Trainer

Sifu Adam Williss becomes your Wing Chun personal trainer! You will get our private Wing Chun lessons online assessments w/ Sifu Adam.


13 Personal Wing Chun Training Assessments

This upgrade includes 13 detailed assessments from Sifu Adam at each of the 12 levels of our 90-day Beginners Course plus final exam assessment!

The Dragon Institute’s Official Online Wing Chun Training Course for Beginners with Personal Corrections from Sifu Adam Williss

Get all the below features and benefits of our 90 day beginners course PLUS Sifu Adam Williss will personally review and correct your form.

After learning each week’s lesson material, you will submit a video of yourself. Sifu Adam will review it and personally send you video corrections prior to moving on the the next week’s lesson.

Join internationally-reknowned Sifu Adam Williss as he guides you through his 90-day course. Designed as a level 1 course specifically for beginners, this online Wing Chun training course blends authentic traditional Wing Chun training with a modernized approach including a curriculum specifically designed for the Western lifestyle and mindset.

It is designed to help those with a sincere desire to study Wing Chun at home. Not everyone has access to a Wing Chun school or local instructor where they live. This Wing Chun Home study program also gives you a chance to become certified and recognized under The Dragon Institute ranking system, which is a necessary first step for those who wish to become The Dragon Institute Certified Wing Chun Instructors.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a wooden dummy?

No. You do not need a Wing Chun dummy for this course. You can perform the dummy form in the air.

Do I need a partner?

No. You do not need a partner. This course has been designed to be able to be performed without a partner.

Can I go at my own pace?

Yes. This course gives you the opportunity to go at a speed that is comfortable for you.

How long can I have access?

There is no expiration for this course. We provide unlimited access to the course and and its contents for continued review for as long as we offer it – even after your successful completion.

Do I need a strong internet connection?

If you have access to watch YouTube videos, our course and its videos can be accessed.

Do you offer further training after this course?

Yes. We offer complete Wing Chun training and certification. However, because we are dedicated to uncompromising quality, this Level 1 course acts as a pre-requisite in order to continue.