Private Martial Arts Lessons



Private Martial Arts Lessons in Palm Coast

Personal martial arts instruction with Sifu Adam Williss, a Wing Chun specialist with over 28 years of experience.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for private martial arts training in Palm Coast or a lifelong martial arts student looking for more, private lessons with Sifu Adam can be a great way to help you get a deeper level of martial arts wisdom. Sifu Adam tailors each private lesson to your individual pace and ability, as he guides you through the intricate details of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

  • Lessons are available in half-hour increments, allowing you to customize the duration to suit your needs. So if you want an hour lesson, choose two lessons.
  • Available 7 days a week
  • Lesson are held at The Dragon Institute at 501 N State St #4, Bunnell, FL 32110.
  • Available for Adults, Seniors and Kids ages 5 and up

Private lessons are the perfect way to get direct hands-on time with Sifu Adam Williss.

About Sifu Adam Williss

Recognized by Blackbelt Magazine as one of most sought-after Wing Chun teachers today, Sifu Adam Williss’ expertise lies in the way he explains the art. Not only is his knowledge of Wing Chun exceptional, his delivery of that knowledge is more simple and less cryptic. He clarifies Wing Chun in ways others can’t. But then there’s his unique Wing Chun method, called Dragon Family Wing Chun. An approach to Wing Chun that World of Martial Arts TV acclaimed was “insanely efficient,”. This is not only a reflection of his method’s effectiveness, skill in honing his craft, but also a testiment to his lineage of Wing Chun. Sifu Adam Williss is under the Leung Sheung line of Wing Chun. Leung Sheung was Ip Man’s senior-most student in Hong Kong.

However, he is not merely a martial arts instructor; he is a transformative figure whose life’s work has been to impart the empowering essence of Kung Fu to people from every conceivable background. He believes in the transformative power of Kung Fu — not only as a method of self-defense but as a tool for holistic personal development that encompasses physical, mental, and life-enhancing benefits.

With an unwavering commitment that spans nearly three decades, Sifu Adam has immersed himself in the mastery of authentic Kung Fu. His passion is not contained to personal mastery alone; he is driven by a profound commitment to transfer his comprehensive understanding to students worldwide. Through meticulously crafted lessons, dynamic classes, engaging workshops, and comprehensive courses, he has charted a course that unveils the intricacies of proficient Wing Chun practice.

The reach of Sifu Adam’s influence is extensive, as evidenced by the popularity of his Online Wing Chun at Home course — a bestseller in the United States. His teachings resonate with a vast audience, as demonstrated by his substantial digital following, with over 117,000 individuals connected through his Wing Chun Lessons Facebook page and another 52,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. These platforms help enthusiasts and practitioners to tap into his knowledge, and integrate the power of Wing Chun into their daily lives.


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