St. Augustine Wing Chun Kung Fu

St. Augustine Wing Chun

Looking for Wing Chun in St Augustine? Our Kung Fu school brings Saint Augustine Wing Chun Kung Fu – the art made famous by Bruce Lee and his Wing Chun Sifu Ip Man (Yip Man).

Wing Chun St Augustine

Leung Sheung & Ip Man

Our Wing Chun Kung Fu school serves St Augustine as well as Palm Coast, Flagler County, Flagler Beach, Bunnell, Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach. Our Wing Chun lineage is under Ip Man’s senior-most student, Leung Sheung. He was Ip Man’s first student in Hong Kong and as such was the Sihing (big brother) of all of Ip Man’s other students including Bruce Lee. Being apart of the Leung Sheung lineage is a symbol of credibility in Wing Chun circles as Leung Sheung was so universally respected by Ip Man’s other students.

Note that our Wing Chun school is located just outside of Palm Coast in Bunnell, FL. That is approximately 40 minutes south St. Augustine. However, we have students who travel from St Augustine to train Wing Chun with us at our school.

For more information, see our our school location, classes and more at by visiting Palm Coast Martial Arts.