Body Language - Women's Self-Defense

How you hold yourself is an important tool in how possible assailants may or may not target you.

Here’s an example:
Ladies, when you are sending a non-verbal signal to a guy that you are angry with, and just not having it, and he is still talking, what are you doing? Could it be like this, arms folded legs crossed foot twitching back and forth quickly? That closed off bundle of nervous energy just spewing from you? That is body language of a angry person ready to explode.

Assailants look for clues in body language too!

  • Things like walking with your shoulders hunched over and your head down could signal insecurity and or withdrawn, or not paying attention to your surroundings.
  • Walking with quick little steps constantly looking over your shoulder and quickening your steps could signal your scared, nervous, worried.
  • How about Ear buds in, talking loudly, packages in your arm, fumbling in your purse. This may signal your not focused at all to your surroundings, and just not paying attention.

Like police officers, many criminals are very good at picking up cues and looking for opportunities.
It’s important not give them any messages other than “NOT ME BUDDY” by our body language.

Starting today… right now!

Promise yourself to start becoming more aware of how you are holding yourself.

Do you look down when you walk?

Look up, look around and listen to what is around you with

Start to notice other people. Notice how they hold themselves and think to yourself “am I doing that?”

Make it a fun game. Start by noticing others when you are out. Watch and see if you can figure out what their unconscious body language is communicating.

You will start to be amazed by what you can know just by watching others. Then you can start to be more aware of how you are “holding” yourself and the non-verbal language you are sending.