Awareness - Womens Self-Defense



Awareness is defined as the state or condition of being aware; having knowledge; consciousness: Maintaining awareness, in your immediate surroundings, is a key component to keeping safe. It is simple to do, however, may take practice.

How to Be More Aware

Learning to become more aware is simple, in theory, but it takes practice in order to maintain awarness. Start by unplugging from your devices during certain times.


  • Walking to and from your car in public places
  • Taking a pause to take glances around while in waiting offices, waiting in lines, waiting/sitting in your vehicle.

Taking time to survey your surroundings, no matter where you are, is an excellent way to determine potential danger to yourself or someone else.

Awareness & Intuition

Awareness and your intuition often go hand in hand. Looking around the parking lot as you go to your car ask yourself…

  • Is there is anyone just standing/lurking about?
  • Do you “feel” an individual “keyed” in to you as you walk by?
  • Is there an argument going on in public between individuals?
  • Does it “feel” more than just a disagreement?
  • Is someone in your immediate area or close by acting strange, restless, agitated, speaking nonsense?

These types incidents may turn out to be nothing, however they may turn into something more. It is always best to know your surroundings, know where the players are and what is going on. This gives you the chance to call emergency services, leave the area etc….

This is the simplicity of knowing your surroundings. Simple. but we must remind ourselves to take the time to do it. Note also that this is a great teaching learning tool for our children. They would greatly benefit from learning to know their surroundings while in it and taking time out from being “plugged” in to devices.

“Remember, you are awesome, strong and capable!”

-Dawn Arthur