Self-Defense Orange County

Our Women’s Self-Defense program will Teach you to Walk with Confidence and NOT in Fear!


⇒ Situational awareness skills and recognizing potential danger, so you can avoid it before it happens.

⇒ Simple, practical self-defense skills against the most common assaults scenarios against women.

⇒ Develop the mindset to go from prey to predator – essential for surviving and escaping assaults.

Womens Self DefenseLooking for Women’s Self-Defense in Orange County? Our Women’s Self-Defense Course offers women & girls ages 15 and up make-sense self-protection and safety knowledge. This is scientific self-defense training for women because it is more than teaching a handful of physical movements.

Over the self-defense class curriculum, instruction simultaneously develops the mindset to use the self-defense skills most effectively. Using the highly efficient concepts of the close-quarters self-defense, this is a no-nonsense program developed to empower women with practical knowledge for real world self-defense. Each women’s self defense class culminates in applying practical self-defense knowledge and physical self-defense skills through realistic physical scenarios and awareness training.

Orange County Women’s Self-Defense Instructor – Dawn Arthur

Dawn ArthurDawn Arthur is a true game-changer when it comes to Women’s Self-Defense! She leads our Orange County Women’s Self-Defense program with her 30+ years of combined experience as both a retired Deputy Sherriff and a close-quarters hand-to-hand combat practitioner. Her approach to Women’s self-defense empowers women to overcome physical disadvantages with leverage, efficiency, precision and awareness. Having hands-on experience as a Deputy Sheriff gives Dawn a unique perspective in personal, home and all around safety. For 27 years she worked at the Orange County Sheriffs Department doing street patrol, harbor patrol and the men’s and women’s county jails to name a few. Dawn is also a practitioner of Wing Chun Kung Fu, a martial art known for its effectiveness in close-quarters hand-to-hand combat. 


  • Appropriate for ages 15 and Up.
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