San Clemente Bullying Prevention

San Clemente Bullying

San Clemente Bullying Prevention


Bullying Prevention in San Clemente
Our San Clemente Bullying Prevention efforts give children the chance to learn how to prevent and stop bullying in San Clemente through an integrated approach. We do this through an integrated approach which combines sensible bullying prevention, practical self-defense and character-based leadership training. realistic and practical means.

Kids Martial Arts Classes: A 3-Part Approach

San Clemente Anti-Bullying / Kids Self-Defense / Kids Leadership Training

Our San Clemente kids martial arts classes include three parts: anti-bullying, self-defense and leadership development. We’ve found that integrating these three areas yield greater development in kids rather than isolation of any part individually.

In essence, each different area solidifies the other area. We fight against bullying in San Clemente through leadership and self-defense training. We build stronger leaders through the confidence gained through our kids self-defense and anti-bullying. And we enhance kids ability to physically defend themselves by combining it with leadership training and anti-bullying.

Our martial arts/anti-bullying classes teach kids how to identify bullying and how to stand up to it safely.

Our 3-Part Approach

1. Anti-Bullying / Bully Prevention

    • Identifying bullying – What it is, What its not
    • Handling typical schoolyard confrontations
    • How to deal with being made fun of or name-calling
    • How to prevent verbal confrontations from escalating into physical fights
    • Simple, direct and effective self defense principles if physical confrontation becomes unavoidable

2. Kids Self-Defense

    • Close-quarters hand-to-hand self-defense concepts, techniques & applications
    • Handling today’s most common physical attacks in the simplest and most direct way
    • Gaining physical, mental and emotional confidence through physical experience
    • Developing physical strength and practical agility
    • Proven strategies to effectively defend against larger, stronger kids

2. Leadership Development

    • Building a desire to take initiative and an eagerness to take the lead
    • Inspiring a passion for learning and healthy ambition
    • Instilling accountability, honor, integrity, fairness and personal responsibility
    • Building a spirit of respect, kindness and compassion
    • Rewarding perseverance, self-control, and discipline
    • How to compasionately mentor other kids with patience, understanding
    • Developing powerful body language, eye contact and other nonverbal cues for improving trustworthy impressions

Our Dana Point school (located right on PCH) serves San Clemente residents. Check out our Dana Point school!

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We also fight against bullying in San Clemente by offering our signature San Clemente bullying prevention workshops for kids and parents called BULLYGUARD™. These are workshops outside of our regular classes.

BullyGuard™BULLYGUARD™ – San Clemente Anti-Bullying Workshops

Our signature educational workshops, seminars and presentations are offered free of charge to address bullying in San Clemente in a practical, down-to-earth manner. We want kids, parents and teachers to feel as comfortable as possible talking about bullying. Using a combination of personal stories, interactive role-playing scenarios and real-world examples, our workshops work hard at getting to the heart of bullying and how kids and parents can be more effective dealing with it.

Contact us today to schedule a BULLYGUARD™ Workshop for your school, group, team or club.