Martial Arts School Opens in Palm Coast: Kung Fu Comes to Flagler County!

Martial Arts School Opens in Palm Coast

Award-Winning Martial Arts School Comes to Palm Coast, FL Bringing Kung Fu & the Legacy of Bruce Lee to Flagler County

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Bunnell, FL – The Dragon Institute, an award-winning Kung Fu school, has opened a new location in Bunnell.

Its opening marks a historic moment as the very first Kung Fu school in Flagler County. Its martial arts classes cater to diverse age groups, including kids ages 5 and up, adults, seniors, and teens.

At the heart of The Dragon Institute’s teachings lies the clever art of Wing Chun, a Kung Fu system known for its practical self-defense and unparalleled expertise in close-quarters combat. It is this very martial art that shaped the life of none other than Bruce Lee himself. The Dragon Institute’s Kung Fu heritage is specifically under the esteemed lineage of Bruce Lee’s revered teacher, Grandmaster Ip Man.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer our unique form of martial arts in Palm Coast,” said Sifu Adam Williss, head instructor of The Dragon Institute’s new location. “We feel this is the perfect time to bring Wing Chun here considering the continued growth of the Palm Coast area.”

Sifu Adam Williss is also the founder of The Dragon Institute. He brings his 28 years of Wing Chun experience and strong track record of running martial arts schools in California. He has gained a substantial following online with over 117K on his Wing Chun Lessons Facebook page and over 49K on his YouTube channel. Additionally, his Online Wing Chun course has gained significant popularity, resonating with practitioners nationwide.

3-time black belt and self-defense expert Mark Allen said that “the martial arts training at The Dragon Institute is efficiency on a whole new level. Nothing I’ve ever trained is this efficient.”

Allan Gomez, of California said, “I have been a student of Sifu Adam Williss for over 10 years. His knowledge and expertise in Wing Chun Kung Fu is exceptional.”

“The Palm Coast, Florida community is fortunate to now have a world-class Wing Chun Kung Fu martial arts school,” proclaimed Ray Arbet, of Wisconsin. ”I’ve been a student of the martial arts for decades and this past year began to study Wing Chun with Sifu Adam Williss of the Dragon Institute. Sifu’s integrated approach to teaching emphasizes and balances the mental/emotional self-discipline, physical and scientific elements of Wing Chun. He is a respected, seasoned instructor with an established west-coast and on-line presence. If you’re the least bit curious about a personal Wing Chun journey, Sifu Adam will provide excellent guidance!”

The Dragon Institute invites martial arts enthusiasts, both experienced practitioners and beginners, to experience the rich heritage and practicality of Wing Chun. Enrollment is now open for classes at their new school located on US 1 in Bunnell at 501 N. State St. For more information, please visit or contact the school at (386) 319-6884.

About The Dragon Institute:
The Dragon Institute is an award-winning Kung Fu school based in the United States. Specializing in the art of Wing Chun, the school has locations in California, Florida, and Online. Since its founding in 2010, The Dragon Institute has won over 12 local city and county awards and has been recognized in Black Belt Magazine and World of Martial Arts TV. Led by Sifu Adam Williss, a highly regarded Wing Chun expert, the institute stands out for its exceptional teaching and understanding of Wing Chun. Their unique approach is founded upon uncompromising quality and honest practicality, setting them apart from other schools. As pioneers, they were the first professional Wing Chun schools in Orange County, California, and Flagler County, Florida. Their 90-Day Beginner’s Online Wing Chun course is a top-selling program in America.