Kids Wing Chun

Kids Wing Chun

Pioneers of Teaching Wing Chun to Kids

Ten years ago, we embarked upon building one of the most successful Kids Wing Chun programs in America.

It took some trials and errors, but within a few years, we did it! Then we decided to open another school to see if we could duplicate our success. We did it again! But this time the process was so much easier!

Now we’ve opened up our our system to you!

Are You Ready to Discover How We Did It?

This is the art and skill of teaching kids Wing Chun!

It does not depend on lineage – Wing Chun for Kids is for all lineages.

But also realize that this is not a conventional Wing Chun program. This is specifically designed for Kids. The psychology of teaching adults and teaching kids Wing Chun are worlds apart. The latter requires a higher level of program structure, understanding of how kids think and how to motivate them.

Then we integrated leadership training within our program. This teaches character-building lessons of courage, focus, respect, teamwork, leadership, discipline, perseverance and integrity into our program.

Then we founded the non-profit charity Wing Chun Against Bullying to bring the life lessons of Wing Chun to kids in the fight against bullying. This has been integrated into framework of our Kids Wing Chun program.

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