UCI Wing Chun

UCI Wing Chun - Irvine

Established in the fall of 2018, our UC Irvine Wing Chun class teaches the practical, close-quarters martial art of Wing Chun to the University of California – Irvine. (Looking for our Irvine Wing Chun school location? Click Here – not at UCI)

About Our UC Irvine Wing Chun Class

Founded by Sifu Derrick Mansell, our Wing Chun classes at the University of California, Irvine are open to all UCI students and ARC members. Led by Sifu Derrick Mansell with this help of Josue Rivera and Ruben Cruz of The Dragon Institute, our UC Irvine Wing Chun classes are part of the UCI Martial Arts recreational activity classes (UCI ARC martial arts classes).

Contact us to find out more about our UC Irvine Wing Chun schedule for Fall Classes 2019.

About Wing Chun

Wing Chun, a Chinese martial art (Kung Fu) system of self-defense, was created to enable a smaller or weaker person to be able to defend themselves against bigger, stronger people. It is known for its extraordinary efficiency and focus upon realistic self-defense. One of the best parts of Wing Chun is that it can be effective for all sizes, ages and fitness levels.

About Sifu Derrick Mansell

Derrick MansellSifu Derrick Mansell is the head instructor at our Irvine Wing Chun school and is the senior-most student of Adam Williss. Sifu Derrick is a lineage holder of both the Dragon Family Wing Chun Association and the Worldwide Leung Sheung Lineage Association. With 9 years practical experience, he has dedicated his to life to Wing Chun and helping others through the art he calls “the best thing I’ve ever done”.