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The Dragon Institute offers the best that Lake Forest Martial Arts has to offer. Voted Best Martial Arts OC, our martial arts school offers Lake Forest, CA highly effective martial arts for self-defense.

Lake Forest Martial Arts School

Learn Martial Arts in Lake Forest, CA

Through the art of Wing Chun, Bruce Lee’s original martial art, Lake Forest residents can learn how to use an opponent’s size and strength to their own advantage.

Enter The Dragon!

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The Dragon Institute brings the legacy of Bruce Lee’s martial arts to Lake Forest residents. Our Lake Forest martial arts class teach students to use position and leverage, rather than speed and power, to defend themselves. As a result, our martial arts classes can help anyone who is seeking the ability to defend themselves against a larger attacker.

What’s so great for Lake Forest martial arts enthusiasts is that Wing Chun specializes in street-practical, close-quarters self-defense. These martial arts classes teach quick punches and low kicks with a tight defense for a quick advance against their opponent. The effectiveness of Wing Chun is achieved by well-coordinated attacks with simultaneous defense.

In fact, many self-defense experts consider Wing Chun to be their personal choice for close-quarters hand-to-hand combat. This is due to the simple efficiency of Wing Chun when practiced and applied in self-defense scenarios.

It should be noted that one of the most important lessons that the Wing Chun martial arts student must learn is to deliver the correct amount of energy. The student must also remain as relaxed when possible. The student will learn to overcome force with positioning and footwork rather than meeting it head on. In addition, Wing Chun martial arts classes also teach kicks and sweeps, palm strikes, trapping and grappling control. All of these techniques are part of the Wing Chun martial arts fighting arsenal.

We are proud to offer a level of excellence that is difficult to find in other martial arts schools. Students of all shapes, sizes and walks of life come from near and far to train at our Orange County Wing Chun school. Regardless of your current fitness level, we have a class for you!