Wing Chun Body Structure (Elements of Good Form)

Wing Chun Structure

Wing Chun Structural Elements of Good Form

To link the body structure as a proper full component in Wing Chun, there are structural alignments and biomechanic elements of good form. Knowing proper Wing Chun body structure helps to best attack and defend with solid body structure rather than brute force. Because Wing Chun body structure (elements of good form) creates a structural framework for force to flow from the ground to the top into the opponent’s centerline.


Wing Chun uses structural alignment instead of momentum-based power. This is because Wing Chun is for overcoming bigger-stronger attackers.

Wing Chun grounds the body at impact. Remaining grounded, Wing Chun connects itself to the solidity of the ground at the moment of contact (attack or defense). This is best used to deflect the opponent’s attacks or pierce through the opponent’s defenses.

Here are the Wing Chun structural elements of good form…

Wing Chun Elements of Good Form

Wing Chun Structure Video