Wing Chun Lessons

Wing Chun Lessons

Wing Chun Lessons is the online branch of The Dragon Institute. Created by Sifu Adam Williss, founder of The Dragon Institute, Wing Chun Lessons offers one of the ONLY quality-guaranteed online Wing Chun courses in America! Start learning Wing Chun with our 90-Day online course at

Online Wing ChunWing Chun Instruction for Beginners

Created specifically for beginners, Wing Chun Lessons features a 90-Day Online Wing Chun Course which takes new students through topics like Siu Nim Tao, Solo Wing Chun Drills, the Wooden Dummy, Simultaneous Attack and Defense Drills, Explains Important Wing Chun Concepts and more! See more at

Online Wing Chun Lessons Videos

Below are a few sample videos to see the quality of Sifu Adam Williss’ instruction:

Wing Chun Lesson: How to Get Good at Wing Chun!

So many beginners to Wing Chun, want instruction on how to get good. But the truth is that it’s less about what you do to get good than it is about staying away from pitfalls that stop you from getting good. In this Wing Chun Lesson for beginners, I detail some of the most common errors that Wing Chun beginners do. Knowing these, will help Wing Chun beginners to get better, quicker!

Wing Chun Lesson: How to Chain Punch

In this Wing Chun video lesson, I’m going to show you 4 of my most important tips for how to chain punch. These simple, yet actionable Wing Chun chain punching tips, will give you the exact lessons I use to make my Wing Chun students better, faster! After watching this tutorial, you’ll also get an extra glimpse into the concepts behind the action. In fact, at its highest level, you learn that this Wing Chun lesson is way beyond chain punches!


Wing Chun Lesson: What’s the Wing Chun Dummy For?


Wing Chun Lesson: 3 Techniques You Need to Know!