3 Self-Defense Concepts Everyone Must Know

3 Simple Self-Defense Concepts


Here’s the hard reality about Self-Defense:

There are WAY too many people in martial arts teachers, schools and mixed-martial art practitioners who claim what they do is self-defense.

They say, “if I learn this combat sport, I will be able to handle myself against an attacker”.

That’s living in a fantasy world.

If you want no-nonsense knowledge… you know… the kind of information that actually saves you when it all it hits the fan…  you need to be very specific about the type of martial art you train.


These simple concepts aren’t rocket science. Unfortunately, the majority of martial arts don’t teach this. Why? Because they don’t train for self-defense. Yup. It’s true!


How could this be true? Whether they concentrate too much on tournaments, competition, making money with B.S. or preserving a cultural tradition, most martial arts just don’t teach honest, self-defense.

That’s why, more than anything, you need self-defense concepts you can trust.

So here are 3 Self-Defense Concepts Everyone Should Know

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