Wing Chun Arlington VA

Wing Chun Training in Arlington, Virginia and the Washington DC area. 

“Having spent 7+ years studying directly under me, Klaus is one of my best and brightest students. He has a strong grasp upon understanding the finer points of Dragon Family Wing Chun. His dedication to precision, quality and integrity in all things he undertakes make him both an outstanding Wing Chun practitioner and leader. Just as I am lucky to have him as my student, those who have the opportunity to train Wing Chun with him will be just as lucky.” -Sifu Adam Williss

Arlington Wing Chun – What We Stand For

We specialize in a branch of Ip Man lineage Wing Chun called Dragon Family Wing Chun. Stemming from Ip Man’s senior-most Hong Kong student (Leung Sheung), it is a unique and internal approach Wing Chun. On the surface, all Wing Chun may seem similar. However, ours is very specific and unique to others.

We believe our dedication to the follow 5 qualities sets our approach to Wing Chun apart from others.

  • Mindset/Intent – Clarity, Laser-sharp Focus & Energetic Intent
  • Structure/Root –  Framework Connections through Joint Stability & Ground Root
  • Duality – Both hands equally moving towards the center goal at all times
  • Center/Precision – Staying true to our goal with our energy
  • Timing/Position – Being in the right position at the right time

Note that our Wing Chun group is affiliated with The Dragon Institute, but not an official school of The Dragon Institute. Our group teaches the methods of Dragon Family Wing Chun in Arlington / DC as passed down to Klaus, our group leader. He is a senior-student of Sifu Adam Williss.


Klaus at (571) 721-1008

Although our Arlington Wing Chun group trains Wing Chun in Arlington, VA (we also have students in the DC area.). If you are searching for Wing Chun in DC or looking for DC Wing Chun you may also find us that way. Wing Chun group, Wing Chun Arlington, DC Wing Chun