Bill Graves

Sifu Bill Graves was born in Indiana in 1960. After going to college and getting married, he moved to Sanford, Florida in 1981. Sifu Graves began his training under Karl Godwin in 1982. He continued to train faithfully with his instructor for 7 years until he moved to Jacksonville, FL in 1989 and began teaching. Sifu Graves operated two main schools in the Jacksonville Beaches area. His school was named The System Wing Chun Gung Fu.

Sifu Graves is a very humble man. He prefers to let his skill speak for his ability. His knowledge base is incredible to say the least. He has the ability to speak for hours on the subject, and in a way that he readily gets his point across. He is one of the best teachers by far in martial arts today but it is high level skill that is the foundation of his teachings. His philosophy is that fighting should be effortless — and that’s how it is for Sifu Graves.

If you are within an hour or two from the Jacksonville area, Sifu Bill Graves can be reached at 904-762-8741 or by email at